Why your Business doesn’t need a “VoIP” System 

James Arthur - May 25, 2018

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Why your Business doesn’t need a “VoIP” System 

Posted May 25, 2018 by James Arthur

A bold statement I know, but before I dive in let’s talk about what VoIP is;

I’f you are reading this article there is a good chance that you know what it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. But do you know what it actually covers? It’s all a little bit confusing – simply because it covers a-lot. Far too much actually.

The Golden Age

Let’s go back in time this when computers began to emerge within the public eye more and more. The golden age of comuting. The term VoIp was coined in 1971 by Danny Cohen and was used to describe basic telephone communications. So basic in-fact it was simply a sound (a voice) that could be sent over a telephone line.

During this time you had Microsoft, Apple and Intel competing to be the new kid on the digital-block. And they all had an arm in VoIP. However it was a relative unknown, yet highly successful Israeli company called VocalTec Inc that catapulted VoIP into what that it resembles today.

The Dotcom Bubble

During the 200’s and Dotcom Boom we started to see a new strand of “VoIP”. This is where things started to get confusing and mess. All manner of companies jumped on the bandwagon and began offering solutions from in-house branch exchanges, miles of cables, specialised handsets and even servers that sit in your office, that wouldn’t look out of place in data centre.

Unlike the Dotcom bubble this never did burst. It was far to ingrained some of the big corporates.

But then it got even more complicated. Then came the term The Cloud.

Few people understood what the cloud was at this time (and even now), but what they did know is that they needed to be part of it; or so they thought.  So everything became cloud this, cloud that. Another buzz-word thrown into the mix.

The IT industry went crazy – and VoIP was no exception.

Confused? You should be

So now you have thousands of offerings that are all under the term VoIP. What a confusing mess.

Have you ever typed “VoIP Solution” into Google? It’s like an all you can eat buffet set during Oliver Twist. Lots and lots of confusion and buzzwords from articles and software that was created 10 years ago.

The internet has changed – this is why you don’t need a VoIP telephone system. You don’t need hardware, you don’t need a engineer and you certainly don’t need any contracts.

This is why we created Routr. It’s clear and concise. You don’t need any hardware and you certainly don’t need to signup for a 3-year no break clause contract.

Routr gives you all the power of a communications system with all the stats that matter and it couldn’t be different from anything else on the market.