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Phone Number Types

There are 5 different types of phone numbers;

  • Local phone numbers – these types of numbers are area code based for example +4420 for London or +1718 for New York.
  • National phone numbers – national phone numbers have no fixed area code. A UK based example would be +4433 and a US example would beĀ +1800 
  • Mobile phone numbers – mobile phone numbers are formatted to the format of the country they reside. They have no fixed geographical location.
  • Toll-free phone numbers – toll free phone numbers are numbers your customers can call for free.They have no geographical region. Examples include +44800 in the United Kingdom and +1800 in the USA.
  • SMS shortcode numbers – Shortcode numbers are used to send high volumes of SMS messages at once – typically hundreds of messages per second.These are primarily used for either security Verification, such as a confirmation code, or marketing.

All number types are priced differently dependant on their locality and which country of origin they reside in.

We currently have the following phone number types for the following countries;

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