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Opening Hours

How about only accepting calls during working hours?

What if you are closed for that upcoming national holiday and want to pick up a voicemail?

We have you covered.

Add a Opening Hours component and set what hours/days you are open for business.

You can then dictate what to do if someone calls your closed office such as prompting them for a voicemail or sending a text message.

This component is split into three main parts;


Set what timezone you are operating in first. This allows us to know exactly what day/time it is regardless of you receiving international calls. We support all timezones worldwide.

Opening Hours/Days

We have outlined a full week from Monday-Sunday that allows you to set what times you are open on specific days.

Select an opening and closing time along.

You can also set if you are closed for entire days such as weekends.

Closed Days

You can also set entire days you are closed. This works great if you are closed for a national holiday or period such as the Christmas break.

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