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IVR Menu

IVR menu stands for Interactive Voice Menu. If sounds fancy, but if you have even phoned a number and been given a set of preset options, then you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Our IVR menus are built on simplicity and respond when a caller presses an option that you have set such as 1 for Support or 2 for Sales.

There are 3 main components to a IVR menu

Initial Greeting

This is where you have a set of greetings that inform the caller of what options are available.

For more information view our Greeting component.

Incorrect Greeting

It’s helpful to let someone know if they have selected an incorrect option – you can set all that here.

This is also based on a Greeting Component.

Menu options

Menu options are where you define your actions for what is being selected.

Let’s go back to our example where if a caller presses 1 they will be sent to Support or if they press 2 they will be sent to Sales.

You can add any component you like to these options such as Dial, a Greeting or even another IVR menu.

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