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A fundamental component that allows you dial external phone numbers, internal phone numbers or team members.

The dial component is ideal to connect a caller with a human,

You can add as many numbers as you like to dial.

If you add more then one number or team member to dial, a race condition will be activated and all recipients will be dialled simultaneously.

The first one to answer will be connected to the caller.

All additional calls will terminate. You are not be charged for terminated calls.

The dial component can be used for three actions;

  1. Dial a team member – Dial a member in your team. If they are logged into the account an incoming call will appear on their screen. They can then opt to accept or decline a call.
  2. Dial all team members – dial all the members in your team. This triggers simultaneous dialling.
  3. External phone numbers – we will attempt to dial a external number and connect the caller.

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