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SOS Divert

Emergencies happen and that’s why we give you the ability to implement SOS divert.

SOS allows you to override your call routing flow, and divert all incoming calls to a specified number.

This is a great feature if you need to leave your Office or are expecting an important call.

How do I Enabled SOS Divert?

On the left select Data Insights.

In Data Insights click the SOS Divert tab.

Select the Phone number you wish to divert from the dropdown and then enter a Phone Number you want all calls to be  directed to.

Once you are done, click the Enable button. All calls will now be diverted to that Phone Number and will bypass the inbound call routing flow.

How Do I Disabled SOS Divert?

SOS divert can be disabled by following the steps above but by selecting Disable.

If you don’t see a Disable button, SOS divert is not enabled for that phone number.