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Outbound Call Settings

Outbound call settings allows you to control how your team members make outbound calls from within Routr. In these settings you can;

  1. Decided which phone numbers your team use to make outbound calls
  2. Whether you want to record your teams outbound calls
  3. Whether you want to allow team members call each other (internal calls)
  4. Whether you want to record internal calls

How do I change which phone numbers my team can use?

You may want to limit which phone numbers your team can use to make outbound calls with – for example you may want your support team to make calls with a national number and your sales team to use a local phone number.

On the left hand side of your account you will see a option called Outbound Settings.

Once in outbound settings at the top you will see Outbound Call Settings.

Here you can change all the settings related to making outbound calls by your team.

How do I record outbound calls?

Some companies will need to have all the calls they receive or make recorded for compliance. Routr allows you to record outbound calls as standard. Choose to record the following types of outbound calls;

  1. Calls to outside lines (PTSN)
  2. Calls to team members (internal calls)