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Music on Hold

If you need to place someone on hold, or they join a queue our Music on Hold feature lets you play music that will give your business that cutting edge above your competitors.

Music on hold is a great feature and can comes in multiple forms from Routr.

How do I enabled music for Queues?

On the left hand side click Inbound Call Flows.

Once you are in your Inbound call flows on the top click Queues. This is where you create, edit and manage all your queues.

You can set which hold music your callers will hear by default. All our music is royalty free so you can use any you like the sound of.

Don’t like the default music? Within our inbound call routing builder you can override this and play custom greetings, music and AI text.

How do I enable music for On Call Hold?

When you place someone on hold they will hear some hold music. You can easily enable this by  click your Settings Icon (cogs icon) on the top right.

Once in your settings change you can select which music from you want people to hold from the dropdown under “Hold Music”, once you are happy select click Update.

How do I enable music for transferring calls?

Transferring calls uses the same hold music as that outlined in On Call Hold.

Please refer to the above paragraph on how to change this.