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Internet SMS

Routr allows you to send/receive SMS from within your account. You can send Internet SMS from your account or via a inbound call routing flow.

SMS is a great way to engage with customers – did you know 90% of SMS is opened? Here at Routr we never charge you for failed or undelivered messages.

How do you send SMS from within Routr?

Sending SMS is very simple within Routr.

To send a SMS you will need a phone number with SMS capabilities.

To send an SMS click the Envelope Icon on the top right.

Enter a recipient’s number and a message.

Once you are happy simply click Send.

How do you send SMS from within a inbound call routing flow?

Within an inbound call routing flow you can send a SMS message to the current caller or to an entirely different customer.

The content of these SMS messages can either by typed, include wild cards (such as information about the current caller) or be the response of an API call.