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Internet Fax

Fax machines are still popular, and we have see demand rise over the years. Routr allows you to purchase a phone number and use it just like a traditional fax machine without any hardware.

You will need to purchase a phone number that has Fax capabilities to receive/send fax messages however once setup they can be sent directly from Routr.

How do I send a Fax from within Routr?

To send a Fax, Click your Fax Machine Icon on the top right.

Internet Fax

Once there select the phone number you want to use to send the fax, and upload the relative file (we currently support PDF files).

Internet Fax

Once you are happy click the Send Fax button.

How do I receive a Fax?

To receive a fax you will need to turn one of your phone numbers into a Fax Machine.

If a phone number is a Fax Machine it cannot accept calls.