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Geo-based Calling

Geo-based calling is a feature that allows you to always use the closest geographical phone number you own when making an outbound call.

Studies show that people are more likely to answer from a local phone number or region that they recognise. Our Geo based calling will automatically choose the closest geolocated phone number to the the phone number you are dialling.

Routr allows you to offer geo-based calling as an option or enforce it across your organisation.

How does Geo-based Calling work?

We use a number of different algorithms and calculations to determine which of your purchased phone numbers to use when making an outbound call based on phone number type, location and more. We do not rely on the industry standard “As the crow flies” as this rarely returns the desired results.

You can give your team the option to use Geo-based dialling or enforce it across the board.

How do I setup Geo-based calling?

On the left hand side of your account you will see a option called Outbound Settings

Once in outbound settings at the top you will see Geo-based dialling.

Here you can change all the settings related to geo based dialling.