The world's smartest business phone system platform.

Our platform, coupled with unbeatable reliability, contains all the features you will ever need to build a cloud-based communications PBX system.

Call Features

Geo Reporting

Call Filtering

Filter an incoming call by country, location, phone number type and more.

Call Recording

Record your calls as soon as a connection is established. Ideal for industries that demand compliance or for training.

API Calls

Let your PBX system call and communicate with your company, or third-party APIs with ease. Store these responses for your agents or route a call based on the response.


Dial any device in the world from outbound PTSN numbers, Ring Groups, team members, SIP/VoIP devices and more.


Ask the caller to leave a voicemail and we will email the recording to your recipient email list. Never miss a call again.

Spam Call Blocker

Instantly block inbound calls by adding the phone number to your blacklisted group.

Geo Reporting

Callback Requests

Have an email mailed to a list of recipients detailing the call, allowing you to easily call back at a time that is more convenient.

Interactive Keypad Menus

Interactive Keypad Menus allow you to set telephone keypad prompts in order to create a telephone menu. Great for creating a path to get your customers to the department.

Interactive Voice Response Menus

Interactive Voice Response Menus allow you to direct a call based on words that a caller says. Create a range of word buckets and route calls to appropriate locations.


SMS allows you to send an SMS to a phone number or the current caller.

A.I. Speech

Our predefined Artifical Intelligence text-to-speech algorithms allow you to respond to a caller without the need of any specialised recordings.


Create a list of A.I. text-to-speech, prompts or recordings to give the caller a personal greeting.

Geo Reporting

Call Queuing

Experiencing high call volumes? Add a queue to your call flow that your team can interact with from their web browser.

Opening Days/Hours

Set what times, days and holidays your lines are open. Ideal for national holidays.


Terminate any live call instantly.

Voice Assets

Manage all of your recordings and music to use within your inbound call flows. Upload custom greetings and store them in the cloud.

Fax Machines

Enable fax mode on a phone number to start receiving faxes to your account. You can also send faxes from your browser without enabling fax mode.

Reporting Features

Geo Reporting

Live Reporting

See live calls, calls on hold and calls that are queued from anywhere, giving you a great overview of your the live stat of your telephony system.

Voice Reporting

Full in-depth call history including phone number type, who answered the call, how much the call cost, whether it was recorded and more.

Country Reporting

See which countries call your company most often. Great to see if you need to support another language within your business.

Geographical Reporting

Get caller geo-locations to see if you are targeting the correct markets. Information includes country, state, town and zip/postal code.

Traffic Reporting

Identify bottlenecks in your call flows and see which aspects of your business get the most traffic, helping you prioritise your business.

Network Reporting

See in detail how many interactions each component in your call flow receives to help identify drop-offs, dead-ends and black holes.

Geo Reporting

Team Reporting

Find in-depth stats about your team members such as calls made, calls answered, average call time and more. Great to see who the MVPs are in your team.

Carrier Reporting

See which customers contact you the most and how often calls last - great to see which customers require your attention and support most often.

Queue Reporting

See how long your customers waiting on hold for, which queues are experiencing the most traffic and which queues your team are performing best on.

Day/Time Reporting

Find out your busiest days and hours in the day to determine staff shifts, busy periods and when your call flows are really in demand.

SMS Reporting

Out in-depth SMS reporting allows you to view all inbound/outbound SMS communications including delivery status, price, size and characters.

Fax Reporting

See a detailed breakdown of all your inbound/outbound faes including prices, sender, receiver, duration, price and how many pages.

Geo Reporting

Caller Reporting

See how often a specific caller communicates with your business. View specific metrics such as call time, spending, inbound/outbound calls, SMS and more; Allowing you to calculate how much support that customer requires.

Team Member Reporting

View a detailed breakdown of a specific team member giving you insights into a team members activity.

Collaborative Features

Geo Reporting

Team Status

Our built-in team features help's you see who is online, offline and currently on a call.

Internal Team Member Calls

Make calls to anyone in your team internally. Client to client calls are ideal if you need to speak to a team member located anywhere on the planet.

Team Activity

See all your team activity in your data feed. We track everything from inbound/outbound calls, SMS, fax to when they were last online.

Hold Call

Need to double check something? Call a team member? Place calls on hold and easily retrieve them when you're ready.

Call Transferring

Has a caller come through to the wrong department? Do they need to speak to a specific team member? Transfer calls to team members and queues.

Shared Contacts

View all company contacts to make calls, send SMS and fax. Out contact manager allows you to easily import/export contacts.

Geo Reporting


Receive personalised team voicemails from your call flows - great if your team have their own specific tasks and projects to carry out.


View all of your recorded calls. We store calls for 3 months and give you the option to stream or download in MP3 or WAV format.

Roles & Permissions

Create granular roles and permissions for your team - you can easily assign and revoke permissions with a click of a button.

SIP Devices

Manage SIP devices so your team can handle calls from third-party devices and apps such as Android and iOS mobiles.


See which member of your team is answering the most calls, on the phone the longest and much more.

Ring Groups

Create ring groups of team members and external phone numbers so calls go to the correct place.

Geo Reporting

Apps & Integration

We have 30+ data points that you can be triggered to stream data in a range of different formats including Email, SMS, Slack and more.

Admin Features

Geo Reporting

Invite/Remove Team Members

Invite and Remove users form your team with ease by sending invitations. All they need is an email address.

Manage Billing

Add/remove billing methods as well as viewing and keeping track of all your invoices. We keep things simple and even email invoices when they become available.

Add/Remove Phone Numbers

Add as many or as little phone numbers as you like easily and quickly - great for marketing campaigns where you need a local phone number.


Create departmental roles within your account so that particular team members only have access to specific areas.


Assign permissions to roles, giving you complete granular control over your organization.


Enable Auto-recharge on your account to have your balance top-up automatically when you fall below a specific threshold.

Geo Reporting

Phone Number Access

Decided which phone numbers you want your team to have access to allowing you to assign specific phone numbers to specific team members and devices.

Team Recording

Decided whether you want to record Team member calls. Choose from external lines, internal or both.

Country Blocking

We are aware of a toll fraud known as traffic pumping. These schemes, based on outbound calls, direct calls to a high-cost destination that the fraudster owns. Block this automatically.

Number Type Blocking

Block calls being made to shared, premium or high-cost phone numbers.

Released Phone Numbers

Manage all of your recently released phone numbers. We give you 9 days to relinquish a phone number after initial release before with offer it back to the general public.

Registered Addresses

Some phone numbers require you to have a registered physical address. Manage all your addresses that your phone numbers are linked to from within your account.

Geo Reporting

Phone Number Porting

Easily port your phone number to Routr. Simply contact a member of our team and we will walk you through what is required to move providers.