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Build a inbound call-flow in minutes that your customers will keep calling, using features your staff will love using.

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Build & deploy a cloud based, VoIP powered phone system in minutes - no developers required.

Our drag and drop builder allows you to create a call routing flow that is unique to your business by using our pre-built components.

Call Filtering

Filter an incoming call by country, location, phone number type and more.

Call Recording

Record your calls as soon as a connection is established. Ideal for industries that demand compliance or for training.

API Calls

Let your PBX system call and communicate with your company, or third-party APIs with ease. Store these responses for your agents or route a call based on the response.


Dial any device in the world from outbound PTSN numbers, Ring Groups, team members, SIP/VoIP devices and more.


Ask the caller to leave a voicemail and we will email the recording to your recipient email list. Never miss a call again.

Spam Call Blocker

Instantly block inbound calls by adding the phone number to your blacklisted group.

Callback Requests

Have an email mailed to a list of recipients detailing the call, allowing you to easily call back at a time that is more convenient.

Interactive Keypad Menus

Interactive Keypad Menus allow you to set telephone keypad prompts in order to create a telephone menu. Great for creating a path to get your customers to the department.

Interactive Voice Response Menus

Interactive Voice Response Menus allow you to direct a call based on words that a caller says. Create a range of word buckets and route calls to appropriate locations.


SMS allows you to send an SMS to a phone number or the current caller.

A.I. Speech

Our predefined Artifical Intelligence text-to-speech algorithms allow you to respond to a caller without the need of any specialised recordings.


Create a list of A.I. text-to-speech, prompts or recordings to give the caller a personal greeting.

Call Queuing

Experiencing high call volumes? Add a queue to your call flow that your team can interact with from their web browser.

Opening Days/Hours

Set what times, days and holidays your lines are open. Ideal for national holidays.


Terminate any live call instantly.

Voice Assets

Manage all of your recordings and music to use within your inbound call flows. Upload custom greetings and store them in the cloud.

Fax Machines

Enable fax mode on a phone number to start receiving faxes to your account. You can also send faxes from your browser without enabling fax mode.

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