Area Codes and Dialing Prefixes in Iceland

According our database Iceland has 6 dialing codes and 3 area codes.

Icelander Telecoms Overview

Dialing Code +354
Dialing Code (International) 00354
National Number Length 7
Dialing Codes 6
Area Codes 3
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About Iceland

Iceland (officially named Iceland) is a country located in Northern Europe, Europe, Europe with a land area of 103,000 km².

The Capital City of Iceland is Reykjavik.

Iceland has a international dialing code of +354, and a national dialing prefix of 0.

The Icelander are used to a National number length in Iceland is 7 and the national destination code is 2. They also use an international prefix of 00

Locations beginning with A (1)
Location Dial Codes
Akureyri +354-462 Get Started
Locations beginning with K (1)
Location Dial Codes
Keflavík +354-421 Get Started
Locations beginning with R (1)
Location Dial Codes
Reykjavík/Vesturbær/Miðbærinn +354-551, +354-552, +354-561, +354-562 Get Started