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Routr allows you to build complicated VoIP powered phone systems with ease. Our powerful drag-and-drop software allows you to connect to 180 countries and start making and receiving calls, SMS, fax and more.

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Bespoke solutions

Our cloud PBX solution gives you the power to connect instantly.

We give you the tools to build a PBX system that works for you. from call hunting algorithms, a call center or a vast eco-system our platform requires no programming, is incredibly powerful and saves you money.

Secure and reliable

Not all business phone systems are built the same; neither should yours.

Your information is our top priority- that's why we keep every PBX system secure within our cloud communications platform. We use the latest battle-tested technology to keep your information safe.

Deploy in minutes

Our hosted VoIP business phone systems can be deployed globally.

Our powerful drag and drop builder will get you to the right markets by the power of cloud communications. We put your business back in control and give you the freedom and flexibility to build a PBX system that works for you.

Simple pricing plans hosted in the cloud.

Always know what you'll pay.

Pay as you go

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Starting from
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No setup, contracts or hidden fees
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Take your business phone system to the next level in 4 steps.

Giving your customers a great experience is as easy as one, two, three, four.


Get a business phone number

Pick a VoIP powered business phone number from anywhere on the planet. Attach as many phone numbers as you require to a single call routing flow.


Invite your team members

Whether your a startup, one-man band or fully stacked enterprise unlike other VoIP providers we don't charge for per user so you can invite as many team members as you need.


Build a call routing flow

Drag and Drop our pre-defined cloud components for full control or one-click deploy a call routing flow that suits your business needs.


Start connecting with your customers

Make and receive calls, SMS and fax and start collecting information about your business you didn't know existed.

Build a Powerful PBX system in minutes - no developers required.

Our enterprise VoIP studio requires no programming.

Call Filter
Call Recording
API Calls
Spam Call Blocker
Callback Requests
IVR Menu
Voice Menu
A.I. Speech
Call Queues
Opening Hours

With our powerful drag and drop technology, you can create a call routing flow that is unique to your business by using our pre-built components.

Whether you are looking for a custom greeting, an Interactive Voice Menu or even need to communicate with an API or backend service, our predefined components have you covered.

  • Deploy unlimited call flows worldwide for free.
  • Build professional powerful call flows in minutes.
  • Easily apply business rules and logic.

Do you know what makes your phone ring?

Not only are our PBX solutions easy to set up but they can give you insights into your business like never before such as demographics, traffic and much more.

Geo Reporting

Geo Reporting

In today's modern world it’s important to know where your customers are calling from. Drill down and view a detailed map of where your calls are coming from across the world.

Traffic Reporting

Detect bottlenecks and drop off points of your callers within your call routing flow and get a powerful insight into how exactly your customers interact with your telephone system.

Full call statistics on demand

Full call statistics on demand

View all information about your calls from caller, status, location, who answered the call, whether it was queued or recorded along with a full history of a caller.

VoIP Powered Data-Driven API

Our API allows you to open up our cloud communications platform to integrate all your existing business systems.

Drag & Drop PBX call routing builder

Build & Deploy in minutes

Did we mention how quickly you can deploy a PBX system? We are talking minutes! Once you have deployed we update our global edge location network to start routing your calls - no waiting around.

Drag & Drop PBX call routing builder

With simplicity at its core, you don't need to be a programmer or computer expert to use our cloud platform. Simply drag and drop the VoIP components that your business requires, attach a phone number, click save and you're done.

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Purchase VoIP Phone Numbers in over 90+ Countries.

Call routing flows can be connected to multiple phone numbers - this means you can have local numbers for your key target areas that all reach and interact with one PBX system.